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Do you want to make your investment profitable without risk?

Home at Hotel offers the “complete management” of your apartment, taking care of customer research, coordination of reservations and finalization of the contract, payments and administrative requirements, cleaning service and routine maintenance.

Case History
Tabella Vantaggi Proprietari Tabella Vantaggi Proprietari

Incremento profitto mensile

Profitto medio più alto anche del 30% rispetto all’affitto lungo.


Greater protection on collections

The short-term collections are made in advance directly from the customer's credit card or by bank transfer reducing to a minimum the risk of insolvency.


No commitment of the owner

You are free from any bureaucratic commitments for long-term rentals and we will take care of the necessary short-term rentals. In addition you will not have to pay taxes on the contract amount, regardless of the actual collection, but only on how much you have actually earned.


Contractual Freedom

Do not bind the apartment to a multi-year contract that can only terminate the tenant. Our agreement lasts one year and you can terminate it at any time.


Greater protection of the apartment

The average stay in the apartment is a few days, limiting the risk of damage to a minimum. In addition, each guest leaves a security deposit and there are insurances that limit the risk of disbursements for damages.


Availability of the apartment

In the periods free from reservations you can easily have the apartment to accommodate relatives and friends.


Administrative Obligations

We will take care of all administrative obligations including the complaint to the Police of incoming guests, the management of the tourist tax, the communication of flows for statistics and everything necessary to make your apartment fully compliant with current regulations.


Visibility on International Sites

The apartment will be published and maintained on all the main tourist promotion sites as well as on our website and will also be included in the bouquet available to our partner companies.


Professional Photo Shoot

Your apartment will have a professional photo shoot to highlight, its merits and promote it in an optimal way.



All rentals will be paid in advance by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. In addition, the management of security deposits, the centralized DB on customer behavior and the communications of guests to the Police will make your apartment safe from any risk. In each apartment there is also a security kit consisting of fire extinguisher, First Aid box and emergency card and insurance against civil risks, fire and flooding is provided, optionally you can also add additional covers.



You can choose between two different remuneration systems, with a fixed rate for each day of employment or with a percentage distribution of the collections made. Both provide punctual and secure payments in compliance with the owners' needs. Also for these rents there is the possibility to apply the dry coupon. And also through a dedicated portal you can view realtime the incoming bookings and the occupation status of your apartment.



If you think that your apartment has the appropriate characteristics and you are interested in becoming one of our partners and enter our exclusive network of short-term rentals, contact us without obligation.